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Artificial Intelligence

We use computational statistics and machine learning to create artificial intelligence for amazing price prediction - to level the playing field.  You now have the insight to see where price is moving - before it does.

The integration of Data Science and Computational Systems provided in an easy to use web based service, means the heavy lifting is already done for you.

With our patent pending Price Mapping Algorithm, we've mapped the price moves of the major indices -S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, SPX Index, E-Mini Futures and major individual stocks, over the last five years-  finding correlations in price behavior to predict future outcomes.  See the symbols we track.

Premium service that integrates easy to use analytics and automated real time trade alerts wrapped with comprehensive customer support

Leverage AI to Elevate
Your Win Rates

Reduce Risk
from Your Trading Decisions

The Challenge:  Removing Opinion and              Emotion from Trading Decisions.

The Solution:  Harness the Power of Data Science.

     Virtually every investor or trader that puts their hard-earned capital at risk seeks to make sense of the markets and their risk.  The problem is that we are not given the right tools to separate fact from fiction. 

     Non institutional investors & traders have been at a tremendous disadvantage for decades.  We are left with only one choice:  Use traditional tools and be manipulated by these institutions, or somehow follow what they do and trade with them.  But how?


     We are left to sift through a deluge of information from both the financial and mass media that preys on our need to make sense and then manipulates us by giving us easy answers.  If you have been disappointed by these expert sources you are not alone. 


     Similarly, traditional chart indicators have proven to be notoriously unreliable.  These guides  that we are supposed to follow ultimately just help Institutions to know when we are going to buy and sell.  Which they can use against us.  


     Institutional traders use algorithmic trading and large amounts of capital to 'bend the markets' in the short term, and many of these moves  reveal measurable patterns in the data.  These correlations in the data become visible when you measure them through the right lens.

      But to understand how price is behaving , we require a sophisticated toolset that until now has been out of reach for ordinary traders. 


     QuantDirection uses a Patent Pending Price Mapping Method to track price behavior and combines this with AI for prediction.


     Our systems collect and analyze vast amounts of data to determine find high frequency patterns in price behavior over specific time periods.  We use computational statistics to determine correlations. 


     We can then Alert you with a Trade Signal that shows a symbol's target price and timeframe and the probability of that move occurring based on how it has performed historically, under the same conditions - with amazing results. 


     When we utilize this method, we gain visibility into how Institutions move the markets and and that enables you to trade with them instead of being manipulated by them.  This affords you greater visitibility into the true direction and level of price movement over specific time periods.


     QuantDirection integrates artificial intelligence, computational statistics, machine learning and cloud services, all  delivered as a simple and affordable web based service, to enable every trader to improve win rates and better manage risks.

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