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Leverage the Power of AI to reveal

price direction and risk

Trade Like a Pro

Artificial Intelligence

We use computational statistics and machine learning to create artificial intelligence - to level the playing field.  You now have the insight to see where price is moving - before it does.

The integration of Data Science and Computational Systems provided in an easy to use web based service, means the heavy lifting is already done for you.

With our patent pending Price Mapping Algorithm, we've mapped the price moves of the major indices -S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russel 2000, SPX, S&P E-Mini Futures and major individual stocks, over the last five years-  finding correlations in price behavior to predict future outcomes.

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Premium service that integrates easy to use analytics and automated real time trade alerts wrapped with comprehensive customer support

Leverage AI to Achieve
Unprecedented Clarity

The Problem:  Opinion.  Emotion.

     Non institutional investors & traders (like you and me) have been at a tremendous disadvantage for decades.  The truth is that if you knew just how much we are  manipulated, on a daily basis, you might be outraged. 


     Virtually every investor or trader that puts their hard-earned capital at risk seeks to make sense of the markets and their risk.  The problem is that we are not given the right tools to separate fact from fiction. 


     We are left to sift through a deluge of information from both the financial and mass media that preys on our need to make sense and then manipulates us by giving us easy answers in the form of headlines, pundits and trading gurus.  If you have been disappointed by these expert sources, you are not alone. 


     It is commonplace to get daily headline explanations like “U.S. Equities Gain as Investors Rate Concerns Ease” only to see the market reverse later that day or the next. Subjectivity whatever the source, is just that.


     The reality is that there are so many factors in play that drive price in a global marketplace, at any moment in time, that we cannot know how the market will react in any given day to any one particular event or bit of news.  Nor can we rely on lagging indicators to tell us how price will behave.


     Still there are forces in play that do move the markets. Institutional traders use algorithmic trading and large amounts of capital to 'bend the markets' in the short term, and many of these moves  show correlation.

Remove the Noise
from Your Trading Decisions

The Solution:  Data Science.

     The largest institutional traders generate billions of dollars of trading revenue in equities and options each quarter.  Option volumes have become so large that they drive futures and the equity markets.  This closed dynamic enables Institutional traders to maintain “win rates” above  90% of their trading days. 

     To accomplish this, these trading houses move the markets in a manner that they believe will require the least amount of resistance.  To understand these resistance levels, they utilize a sophisticated toolset that the rest of us could never afford to build.  These systems allow them to analyze where the market momentum is going over certain time frames based on their knowledge of where it has gone under similar conditions. 


     The edge they have, that we too need is to know how the market has performed historically, under certain price conditions over time, and then correlate those moves to determine the probability of similar movements in the future. 


     When we utilize this method, we open a window to seeing true probabilities that allow us to put the odds in our favor.  Until now the toolset required to achieve this has been only available to the institutions who create proprietary systems. 


     QuantDirection leverages artificial intelligence delivered as an affordable cloud service, to enable every trader to have a window on the truth about price movements.

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