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Quantitative Directional Trading

Quantitative Directional Trading Book Back Cover
Quantitative Directional Trading Book
Available on the following devices:
  • P/C or Mac Desktop

  • Android or iPhone

  • iPad or Android tablet


The Power of Quant Trading made easy for everyone

Quant Traders have always had a distinct advantage over the rest of us.  They are able to use massive amounts of data and analytics to find the patterns in price movements.


Quantitative Directional Trading is an introduction to a straightforward methodology, and easy to use tools & resources available that you can use right now.

Packed with dozens of 'proof in the pudding' examples, you will be astonished at the price mapping revealed when data is viewed through the right lens.  

Cliff Young the CEO of QuantDirection and the Founder of  QuantFoundation takes us on an evidenced based journey of discovery to find  out how  retail investors can now easily benefit from free and affordable Quantitative Trading tools & resources.

Sample:  Read the Introduction


Available on Amazon Books & Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Rakuten Books, & Google Playstore

140 pages ISBN 979-8-88627-271-0

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