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Looking for price direction?  Want to put the odds in your favor?   Don't have time to crunch the numbers for hours? 

The  QuantDirection platform can do the hard work for you.  Get Trade Alerts on your desktop or  mobile device for expected price movements, entry & exit points and trade ideas.   

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Analytics Search
Analytics Report - Develop Quantitative trading strategies
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A Platform that Brings the Benefits of QuantTrading to Everyone

The QuantDirection Platform analyzes both the historical probabilities over time along with the volatility and determines relative probability of each of over 5000 price conditions repeating in any applicable daily, weekly or monthly time period.  LEARN MORE

QuantDirction Platfom
Risk level assessments based on historical price conditions

Risk Level Assessment based on Price Conditions

Identify the Price Conditions currently active and see thier historical behavior.  Leverage our Advanced Search Engine to provide a rich set of data on five years of price conditions of the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 Russel 2000, CBOE SPX, CME Emini Futures and major individual stocks.  Know how price has moved under similar conditions.  LEARN MORE

Search Engine
Trade Opportunities based on Price Levels and Probabilities
Trade Opportunities based on Price Levels and Probabilities

Get Real-Time Trade Opportunities based on Price Levels and Probabilities

In your Dashboard you are presented real time trade opportunities depending on where price typically moves to or doesn't move to and over what time periods these conditions occur.  At any given time you can view current opportunities with different probability levels, time periods and for various trade strategies.  


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Analytics squeeze more truth from the data

Analytics Squeeze More Truth From the Data

See the bigger picture opportunities grounded in real data right from widgets on your dashboard.  In addition,  The Analytics Engine goes further in making comparisons of this data to expose areas of opportunity within categories of price conditions.  Data is grouped by Indices, Trading Strategy, Price Zone, Price Move, Implied Volatility levels and more so you can create strategies, before you search for individual price conditions.  


Analytics Engine
Expected Moves
Expected Moves, price levels & market conditions
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Expected Moves , Price Levels & Market Conditions

Each price Condition's behavior is tracked by a patent pending process called Price Mapping.  On the dashboard widget you can view real-time how price is moving relative to the price zones for each week.  Dynamic Views into current and historical price conditions and price levels with the Weekly Expected Moves charting.  


The Alert System enables you to allow the opportunities to come to you
Alerts on your mobile devices

The QuantDirection Alert Engine sends you Trade Signals on high probability moves.  Subscribers  can receive alerts on any device by text and/or e-mail or on your dashboard when these  opportunities are in play.  You can set alert preferences, set alerts on individual price conditions or groups of conditions and manage your alerts from anywhere. 


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A fundamental part of the QuantDirection member Support systems is the Knowledge Base.  Here you will find getting started articles, instructional videos by QuantDirection Academy, FAQs, Research articles, terminology definitions, product features descriptions and more.

Alert Engine
Knowedge Base
QuantDirection Blog provides Insights and perspectives on the quantitative approach to predicting price movement from the editors of QuantDirection and guest writers.

QuantDirection Blog

QuantDirection  Members also have access to our Blog.  Articles are published by QuantDirection staff that provide insights on broader market trends, current events and topical issues from the perspective of artificial intelligence, quantitative trading, computational statistics and human psychology and trading.


Comprehensive Customer Support

Full Service Customer Experience

Our Support Center empowers you to get the most from the QuantDirection Platform.  Members can leverage our 24X7 ticketing system to get specific questions answered or help creating customizing your alerts.  You can manage your tickets from an easy to use interface.  Additionally phone and chat support is also available. 


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