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 Trade Alert Features

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A Platform that Delivers the Benefits of QuantTrading to Everyone

With QuantDirection Platform 3.9 More actionable information has been brought directly into the Trade Alert notifications & reports enabling you to quickly take action.

Express setup enables one click set up for default packages for Stocks, ETFs & Futures. 


Trade Alerts

Actionable Information for Trading on the Go

Each Trade Alert includes Trade Signals and Buy/Sell Guidance in both Email & SMS Notifications and a Web Report.  You can drill down into Alert Details to learn more about the price condition.  


Customize Your Preferences for Individual or Groups of Alerts

All price conditions you select for alerts are viewable and editable under 'Manage Alerts'.  Change your alert contact profile by Alert type or create new custom alerts. 


You have the Control to Set Your Global Preferences

Alert Preferences are used to set global preferences that are applied to all new alerts that you create. When you receive default alerts that we create for you during your sign up process we apply default preferences which you can modify under 'Alert Preferences'.


Analytics Engine

Add New Trade Alerts individually, in Groups or Based on Profile

The QuantDirection database has thousands of price conditions. When you subscribed you were offered a default package of trade alerts which represent many of our higher probability and more popular price conditions. Depending on your Trading Style  and experience  you may wish to add new price conditions or replace some of the price conditions that are in your alert queue under Manage Alerts


As you receive alerts throughout the week, there is one place to easily view them all.
Rather than sort through all your emails or text messages to find an alert, you can go to your report to easily find that alert as well as monitor its current price level.

You can also see how your alerts have performed compared to our forecasts over the last trading week, the last four weeks and the last eight weeks.

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To pause an individual alert you may click the link in the email or SMS alert you receive.  Pause a group of Alerts directly in Manage Alerts or pause all alerts with one click.

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