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Welcome to Quant Trading: Made easy

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Finally Big Data, Analytics & Cloud Computing are brought together into an easy to use platform for individual investors & traders

Technology has brought us tremendous innovations for the retail trader. The advent of Globex’s first online Trading platform in 1992 and then followed by E-Trade for retail investors revolutionized retail trading. Finally, investors who waded the perilous waters of the markets each could each pilot their own ship – but one critical thing has been missing – the compass.

History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme”. ~Mark Twain

Knowing Direction gives us direction. It is the single most important factor in trading success. This simple truth sometimes gets lost in the noise. If we only knew where price was going to move to and when trading would be easy & extremely profitable. Because price direction is not easy to understand there are many who undermine it’s importance and instead help you get lost in the weeds with confusing indicators and impotent strategies.

It's the Direction Stupid!

Retail traders share many common experiences as they navigate the perilous waters trading financial instruments. Whether it’s stocks, bonds, options, futures or currencies, we have all experienced the seemingly endless contradictions, confusion and breakdowns of the indicators we rely upon most.

As a result we shift back and forth between strategies. We find things that work and let go of things that don’t work, only to find that those strategies that worked need to be changed again. At times we don’t know who to rely upon because they are either wrong half the time or they have learned to not take a clear position one way or the other.

Since James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist for his Presidential candidacy in 1992 made the famous statement “It’s the economy stupid” to remind his campaign staffers that voters really cared most about the pocket book issues, many have come up with similar types of slogans to re-focus on the things that matter most.

The fact remains that sometimes simple truths get lost in the noise. When it comes to trading this is also true: “It’s the direction stupid”. Still, as I entered the world of trading I was quickly struck by the vast amount of and variety of tools, tricks, guides, gurus, and educational resources available to “help” the trader get lost in the weeds.

QuantDirection is about giving you a real compass. One that we can KNOW shows us direction. To get to this level of truth we must only look at empirical evidence found in what the market has already done.

If we look at what the market has done with high correlation coefficients and determine if that behavior has indeed been correlated across different time frames and volatility levels then we typically see a similarly high probability that the same behavior will repeat again over similar conditions in the future.

When we employ Quantitative Analysis in this endeavor our approach leads us to fact based probabilities of moves occurring across similar conditions. From this we can assess risk, gauge time frames, proforma returns and just generally make better trading and investing decisions.

Welcome to the journey that may change your trading experience forever.


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